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Orthopedics (Bone Diseases)

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Orthopedics (Bone Diseases)

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Heritage Hospitals, as a premier orthopaedic institution, offers comprehensive orthopaedic care to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat patients with Bone Fractures, Ligaments tears, ailments like arthritis, etc. We follow an integrated strategy that combines state-of-the-art diagnostics, cutting-edge critical care, and interdisciplinary clinical support under the guidance of our highly qualified Orthopaedics in Varanasi. 

The Department of Orthopaedics is supported by advanced diagnostic tools such as 3 Tesla MRI and the latest generation of digital X-Ray systems to provide our orthopaedics team with the best diagnostic capabilities for accurately diagnosing a broad spectrum of fractures, muscle tears, sports injuries, age-related joint issues etc. The Department offers a wide range of services, including Joint Replacement (Hip and Knee) and Arthroscopic Surgery for repairing torn muscles and ligaments and is backed by a well-trained physiotherapy unit to provide proper rehabilitation for recovering patients. As with all surgical departments, it has access to the most modern modular operating theatres, the necessary support service infrastructure in the form of interdisciplinary clinical and anaesthesia support for complex surgeries, and the staff needed to deliver comprehensive orthopaedic care for the department. The department is run under the direction of one full-time specialist who is available six days a week for outpatient care and seven days a week for in-patient support.

As one of the finest orthopaedic hospitals in Varanasi, we have been offering medical care to patients from all across the Purvanchal area and beyond, including patients from the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh. At Heritage Hospitals, we have a multi-decade experience and skill in offering patients with orthopaedic issues high-quality, outcome-driven care. In the following paragraphs, find out more about the range of Orthopaedic care we provide and why we should be your first pick in this specialised healthcare field.

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In every age group and stage of life, bone health is crucial. Calcium, a mineral required for our bodies to operate, is stored by our bodies in the skeleton. In particular, calcium is crucial since it forms the basis of bone.

Calcium must come from the food we eat. Calcium is withdrawn from where it is stored in our bones if we do not consume enough calcium to maintain our bodies functioning. Our bones weaken as a result over time.

Osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become very weak and more prone to shatter, can result from a loss of bone density. The wrist, hip, and spine are the most often broken bones in older persons with osteoporosis. These fractures can significantly reduce independence and movement.

Some ways to prevent bone and joint disorders include-

  • Keep a healthy body weight

  • Avoid injury to your joints

  • Control your blood Sugar

  • Be active every day

Surgery Available in Orthopedics (Bone Diseases)

Depending on the diagnosis and the patient's general health, you could require bone surgery to ensure your skeletal system operates as effectively as possible. At this point, purchasing cutting-edge machinery is crucial. Our top-notch infrastructure provides our orthopaedic specialists with the equipment they need to carry out complex bone surgeries accurately. Our critical care infrastructure offers our round-the-clock orthopaedics support, allowing them to focus entirely on their current tasks and ensuring they are well-prepared to tackle problems should they arise. Make an appointment for a consultation if you or a loved one needs bone surgery to learn more about our services.

Doctors Available in Orthopedics (Bone Diseases)

Our highly experienced bone doctors and their vast knowledge treat a broad spectrum of concerns, from acute bone illnesses to chronic orthopaedic ailments. If you or a loved one needs to make an appointment with a member of our team of orthopaedics, kindly click the link below.

Orthopedics (Bone Diseases) Department Facility

As a part of a super-speciality hospital, our orthopaedic department has access to the required infrastructure for support services. As a result, we can reassure our patients that we can handle all aspects of bone therapy, including expert guidance, interventional care, and support for life-saving procedures. The following summarises our orthopaedic department's amenities and support services.

  • OPD consultations every day (Monday to Saturday)

  • Facilities for 24/7 Emergency Consultation and Admission

  • Support for Critical Care with Commitment Programs for Individualized Healthcare

  • Blood Bank Support

  • Provision of Interprofessional Referral Assistance

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