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Orthopedics (Bone Diseases)

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Total Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR)

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The Orthopaedics Department at Heritage Hospital has advanced tools and machinery, like 3 Tesla MRI and the latest digital X-ray systems, to provide the best diagnostic and treatment facilities for knee replacement surgery. The surgery is the last option to alleviate knee discomfort and restore mobility if medications and therapies don’t work.


Knee replacement surgery can improve your knee's functionality and reduce discomfort in the damaged bone and cartilage. This surgery is performed by replacing components of damaged or worn-out knee joints with plastic and metal components. Doctors at Heritage Hospital follow an integrated strategy that combines state-of-the-art diagnostics, advanced critical care, and interdisciplinary clinical support to ensure the best possible outcome.


Why Choose Heritage Hospital for Knee Replacement Surgery?


When you choose Heritage Hospital for knee replacement surgery, our medical staff is dedicated to providing healthcare to lead to the best possible outcomes. Here are some characteristics features of the orthopedic department at Heritage Hospital:


  • Adept team of professionals with multi-decade experience completing several surgeries successfully.

  • Best knee replacement surgeons in Varanasi who are well-known for their knowledge, skills, and successful outcomes.

  • From diagnosis to post-operative care, we aim to provide holistic care.

  • Our advanced infrastructure with high-tech equipment, like 3 Tesla MRI, modern modular operating theaters, and digital X-ray machines, ensures proper diagnosis and successful surgery.

  • Comprehensive orthopedic care with critical care support, physiotherapy unit, and interdisciplinary clinical support.


Diagnosis Required Before Total Knee Replacement Surgery


It is essential to know that total knee replacement surgery is the last resort option when other treatment options suggested by the doctors don't seem to improve the condition. Total Knee Replacement Surgery is a major surgery; however, Heritage Hospital doctors will guide every aspect during this procedure. Before deciding whether total knee replacement surgery can help heal your ailment, the knee replacement doctors in Varanasi will explain the procedure and all the prerequisites required before the surgery. Generally, it requires:


  • Blood tests

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Dental examination

  • Knee X-ray

  • MRI or CT scan


Heritage Hospital supports a well-built infrastructure with all the necessary equipment for tests and medical imaging. We have a dedicated support service backup to provide better clinical outcomes for knee replacement surgery. We follow the latest guidelines, leverage industry best practices, and comply with stringent regulations for the quality and safety of the patients.


Are there any complications after the surgery?


Total knee replacement surgery aims to restore mobility by replacing the natural knee joint with an artificial knee joint (a prosthetic joint made of metal or plastic). In most instances, there are hardly any complications besides a little pain. However, in rare cases, complications can arise, like:


  • Blood clots

  • Infection on the surgery site or inside the knee

  • Nerve issues

  • Blood vessel issues

  • Problems with prosthetic implants, like wear down or loosening

  • Scar tissue inside your knee

  • Stiffness or reduced range of motion


We are well-equipped to address potential complications during surgery or post-surgery recovery. Our advanced infrastructure supports critical care with ICU units, specially-trained healthcare staff for 24-hour care, and high-tech machines to display the patient's vitals. Moreover, the knee replacement surgeon will evaluate what happened wrong and devise a strategy for quick recovery. Our well-trained rehabilitation team will create and adhere to a tailored rehabilitation program to assist in quicker recovery.


Get Relief From Your Pain with the Heritage Hospital Doctors!


Don't let knee pain be an obstacle in your life. Choose Heritage Hospitals for the best knee replacement surgery in Varanasi. Our well-trained staff, dedicated investments in medical infrastructure at our facilities, and holistic care approach will help you regain your freedom, mobility, and quality of life.

Dr. Shwetabh Rai

(MS (Ortho), DNB, MCh)


Senior Consultant Orthopaedics


Orthopedics (Bone Diseases)



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Total Knee Replacement Surgery is done to replace the knee joint of a person whose knee is severely damaged due to an injury or arthritis. If the knee is damaged, you might find difficulty in doing simple activities like walking and climbing stairs.
In this surgery, an incision is made in the knee area. The doctor removes the damaged parts of the knee joint, resurfacing the degenerated ends of the thighs and leg bone. This is done by replacing the old joints with the new ones by placing a poly liner.
Artificial materials used in total knee replacement surgery include- A femoral component and a labial component composed of MRI-friendly strong alloys and a plastic liner used as they are extremely resistant to abrasion. The metal parts of the implant are titanium or chromium-cobalt-based alloys. The plastic parts, on the other hand, are made of medical-grade polyethene.
For total knee replacement surgery, Regional Anaesthesia is used. It is a type of Anaesthesia injected in the lower spine so the patient doesn’t feel anything below the umbilicus.
Since a knee replacement requires substantial surgery, it is often only suggested when other options, including physiotherapy or steroid injections, have failed to improve mobility or reduce discomfort significantly.
The patient is conscious throughout the procedure unless he wants to and can be made to sleep if he wishes to through medicines.
Total Knee Replacement surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours.
Yes, the patient might need ICU care for 1 day, depending on his medical history and present conditions.
The possible complications associated with this surgery include fat or pulmonary embolism, which can be seen immediately and infection at the site of the incision or a deeper tissue near the knee area, which are observed later.
After one hour of the surgery, the patient can take liquid sips. He can move to take something semi-solid on the day of the surgery itself. However, he is advised to avoid any hard or fatty food.
No, this is not possible. The patient must get admitted one day before the surgery for a thorough inspection, checking vitals, and observing if everything is good to go.
The knee replacement surgery cost in Varanasi variates from 1.75 to 2.50 lacs. Its final cost depends on various factors like the type of implant, severity of the case, accommodation availed by the patient, post-surgery course etc.
Paying the entire knee replacement surgery cost in Varanasi at once is not essential, but the patient must pay at least 80% before the surgery. The rest of the remaining payment can be settled later on at the time of discharge.
Yes, the cost of the surgery can be covered through insurance. Heritage Hospital is empanelled with leading insurance companies. To know more about the same, you can visit our page https://heritagehospitals.com/insurance/3
Total knee replacement is one of the major surgeries, and one needs to stay at the hospital for observation and recovery for at least 4-5 days in most cases.
The patient is made to walk 3 days after the surgery. However, the patient must wait 4-6 weeks before completely resuming regular work. However, the recovery period depends on factors like the patient's age, nutrition, pre-existing conditions, etc.
The patient needs at least 3-4 follow-up visits after the surgery to observe that no infection is developing and the implant is done perfectly. The Patient may get advised by his doctor for more follow-ups if need be.