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Dietetics and Nutrition Department in Varanasi at Heritage Hospitals is progressively committed to providing high-quality nutritional care, leading-edge nutritional practice, and food service and education to its patients and staff. Department researches and addresses the nutritional problems associated with today’s world to improve the quality of life of people. 

Heritage Hospitals believe that diet is integral to any treatment and human life. Thus, we focus on promoting optimal nutritional care.

Good nutrition is the key to fast recovery. Dietetics and Nutrition Department cares for, advises, and educates patients on nutrition in the hospital and after discharge. Our nutrition experts also aid the general public in cardiac care, diabetes, obesity, etc. The department aims for 

  • Speedy Recovery

  • Disease Prevention and

  • Illness management.

  • Lifestyle Management

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Doctors Available in Dietectics

By tailoring the food programmes of our patients and individuals, we hope to offer the best nutritional care in Varanasi. One of Varanasi's top nutritionists and our Senior Dietician, Sakshi Mehrotra, oversees our department's dietetics programme.

Dietectics Department Facility

Heritage Hospitals aim to become the best dietetics hospital in Varanasi and provide our patients with the best nutritional care. Diet is an essential aspect of life for every individual and should be taken care of. Our Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in Varanasi at Heritage Hospital offers various facilities to individuals like

  • Internship Training

  • Academic Activities to learn about different diets needed during different surgeries and procedures.

  • Research Facilities to discover what diet suits best for a person under different circumstances.

  • Nutritional Care of Patients and their post-service customised plans while they are admitted with us.

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