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The Department of Dietetics and Nutrition in Varanasi at Heritage Hospital is constructed to achieve milestones toward a better quality of life for individuals. We believe that precise nutrition and acute food choices are of critical importance in the treatment, prevention, and speedier recovery of diseases. 


As the best dietetics hospital in Varanasi, we understand the importance of a therapeutic diet prescribed by medical professionals based on their specific clinical conditions. The doctors at Heritage Hospital transform the art and science of intuition and diet to practice ideas to ensure optimal patient health.


A potential team of committed and dedicated dieticians in Varanasi at Heritage Hospital ensures personalized attention and plans to care for the patients more scientifically. We strive to deliver excellent care from diagnosis to treatment, beyond as a pioneer in dietetics in Varanasi.


A proper diet and adequate nutrition are essential for patients who have undergone surgeries or even illnesses related to the lungs, gastrointestinal system, joints, and even nutritional deficiencies. Speedy and sustainable recovery, proactive disease prevention, effective illness management, and positive lifestyle changes are the primary objectives of our dietetics and nutrition department. We help our patients by prescribing the exact nutritional level based on their diseases, biochemical analysis, and body type. As the leading centre for dietetics in Varanasi, we help you take small steps in the right direction, paving the way for a healthier tomorrow.


Objectives of Nutrition and Dietetics Department in Varanasi


As the leading dietetics and nutrition care centre, Heritage works in all areas, including diabetes, insulin resistance, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension and high cholesterols, eating disorders, weight management, food allergy and intolerance, and supports our patients to achieve their health goals. Here are some key focus points of our dietetic and nutrition department: 


  • Speedy Recovery 

One of the most important aspects of quicker and healthier post-operative recovery is diet. Our nutritional doctors will assist in building a personalized diet plan, which we help the patients boost metabolism and improve strength to avoid unnecessary complications until the patient has recovered completely. 


  • Disease Prevention

Poor dietary choices are one of the common reasons for dwindling health and increasing medical conditions. Our nutritional professionals will create an individualized diet chart and recommend some exercises to help you prevent diseases. Sometimes, the doctors will require some check-ups and screening tests to align the treatment plan accordingly. 


  • Illness Management 

Some chronic ailments, like sugar and cholesterol, require a proper management routine to prevent the condition from turning into severe complications, which can lead to a huge hospital bill. Our dietician professionals will provide a diet chart and medicines and recommend self-care techniques to manage the illness appropriately. 


  • Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management plays a crucial role in this stressful world to live a healthy life and protect your mental well-being from stress. If you want to manage your lifestyle, our doctors will assess and recommend healthy eating, physical exercise, sleep routine, and stress reduction tips to promote fitness and well-being.


Heritage Hospital - The Leading Hospital in Nutrition and Dietetics in Varanasi


Heritage Hospital believes in providing 360 healthcare services to improve the quality of patients' lives, whether they are struggling with chronic illness, eating disorders, weight management issues, or anything else. Our board-certified and highly skilled dieticians and nutritionists are available at your service to help you get your life back on track by aligning your dietary choices and promoting well-being through healthy living. Here's why Heritage Hospital is the number one choice of people for nutrition care in Varanasi: 


  • Doctors from Different Disciplines Under One Roof 

As a leading super-speciality hospital in Varanasi, Heritage Hospital has a team of multidisciplinary doctors who collaborate to create a personalized plan to ensure patient's well-being. Our professionals at the Nutrition and Dietetics Department in Varanasi believe that a healthy diet, a strategized treatment plan and medicines are also essential to battle the medical ailment and live a healthy life. From cardiologists to nephrologists, doctors from every discipline are easily available. 


  • Sophisticated Diagnostic Facilities and Testing Lab 

At Heritage Hospital, our doctors and medical professionals aim to assess your health condition wholly to diagnose the cause of the symptoms and accordingly provide the prognosis. Our state-of-the-art NABL-accredited lab and well-equipped radiology lab help our doctors diagnose the problem properly, and with our comprehensive nutritional assessments, our professionals will develop the best diet plans for your well-being. 


  • Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists 

All our dieticians and nutritionists serving in the Nutrition and Dietetics Department are board-certified and have experience in providing personalized care to patients. Our doctors can provide complete nutrition care in Varanasi with other health professionals by following various steps, including detailed nutrition assessment, nutrition planning, nutrition provision, counselling and regular monitoring or follow-ups.

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Dietectics Department Facility

Being the prominent dietetics hospital In Varanasi, Heritage offers a multidisciplinary environment and state-of-the-art facilities to support the nutritional care of patients. We are consistently progressing to make a difference in people’s lives and strive to take the spirit of dietetics in Varanasi beyond the basic metrics. The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in Varanasi at Heritage offers excellent facilities that include:


  • Extensive internship training

  • Academic activities to learn about different diets required to meet the unique needs of different surgeries and procedures.

  • Innovative research facilities to design a unique diet plan that suits individuals under various circumstances.

  • Advanced nutritional care of patients and their post-service customized plans while admitted to our premises.


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