Daycare Services

Apart from Outpatient Consultation, the hospital offers different daycare services which include -

Hemodialysis Services 

Heritage Hospitals operates an ultra modern 42 bedded Hemodialysis centre ( the largest of it’s kind in Uttar Pradesh ) which comes under the purview of our Nephrology department. With two full time Nephrologists ,highly experienced technicians and equipped with a state of the art RO system, our dialysis unit is focused towards providing quality dialysis treatment. In addition to providing Hemodialysis, our centre is the only dialysis unit in Varanasi which provides other advance therapies such as Online HDF ( Hemo-Diafilteration). We have provided recreational facilities for patients such as TV’s and facility for music through headphones at each bed, so that patients have a good experience while undergoing dialysis therapy.

To get a better idea, regarding the dialysis services avaialbe at the hospital, please click on the below link. 

Dialysis at Heritage Hospitals


Lithotripsy Services 

Having installed the world’s best Lithotripter System from Dornier, Germany, this facility remains exclusive to Heritage Hospitals in this part of the country. The Lithotripter facility ensures that patients with kidney stones get treated on a strict outpatient basis without any hospitalisation.

Physiotherapy Unit 

The key to proper recovery in any muscle or bone related injury is physiotherapy under the guidance of trained operators. With state of the art machines and an experienced and trained physiotherapy team, we are providing this highly important rehabilitation and therapeutic service so that patients with muscle and bone problems can make a full recovery. The importance of physiotherapy should not be ignored and patients with niggling injuries as well patients who have undergone surgery ( for the correction of muscle or bone related problems ) benefit greatly by going though a well planned physiotherapy programme.

Other Daycare Services 

In addition to the above mentioned services, there are a large number of medical procedures available across specialities, which are performed on daycare basis, from small routine medical procedures to minor surgical operations. A large number of daycare procedures are also available in departments such as - 

  •  ENT  
  •  Dermatology
  •  Dental
  •  Eye 
  •  Speech Therapy 


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