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Neuro Surgery

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The Department of Neuro Surgery at Heritage Hospitals has a long history of accomplishments and has, over the years, successfully conducted complicated trauma, brain and spinal surgical interventions. It works in tandem with the Department of Neurology to provide surgical expertise for neurological patients requiring surgical interventions. As with all our departments, our mission is to give holistic patient care through an integrated approach backed by cutting-edge critical care, diagnostic facilities, and other infrastructural support services, thus delivering top-notch treatment under the supervision of our highly experienced neurosurgeons.

The department is headed by one full-time senior consultant, who has been spearheading our services in this department for the better part of two decades. The field of Neuro Surgery is a highly specialised area of medical care, as it deals with fundamental organs such as the brain, spine, and nervous system of the body. This requires high precision backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure support services such as high-end surgical tools and equipment in advanced modular theatre operating environments. We at Heritage Hospital have made significant investments in the necessary infrastructural requirements and the working practices and protocols, including the most advanced sterilisation techniques and a state-of-the-art CSSD to maximise infection control and deliver quality outcome-oriented results. Dedicated diagnostics, critical care, and interdisciplinary support services further back the Department. 

As a leading Neuro Surgery facility in Varanasi, we have successfully treated patients from the Purvanchal region and beyond, including patients from the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh, delivering result-oriented outcomes throughout our multi-decade experience in providing Neuro Surgical expertise. Learn more about the spectrum of our Neuro Surgical services in the following paragraphs and why you should pick us for all your Neuro Surgical requirements.

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Common Diseases and Conditions


Always choose prevention over treatment. Everyone would rather avoid being sick first than have to cure it. Sp spinal instability can be avoided by engaging in specific spine-strengthening exercises and refraining from those that might lead to disc disintegration. Several methods to avoid spinal instability are described below.

  • Optimal diet and eating patterns.

  • Daily exercise can assist in strengthening the entire body. Practise back and spine strengthening exercises to avoid spinal instability.

  • Steer clear of cigarette use.

  • It's crucial to keep your body in optimal alignment. The spine's structure is impacted by poor body posture, which can lead to instability.

  • Controlling reasonable body weight to prevent spinal strain

  • Preventing ineffective lifting methods

  • Spinal instability can be prevented if one sees a spine expert as soon as there is any indication of spine discomfort or a problem.

Surgery Available in Neuro Surgery

Depending on the diagnosis and the patient's health, you can require neurological surgery to guarantee that your body's nervous system functions as ideally as feasible. At this stage, it is crucial that we make an investment in cutting-edge equipment. Our outstanding infrastructure provides our neurological surgeons with the necessary equipment to complete difficult neurological surgeries with the precision required for improved outcomes. Our critical care infrastructure gives our professionals 24-hour assistance, allowing them to focus only on the work at hand and be prepared to address problems should they arise. Schedule a consultation at one of these institutions if you or a loved one needs neurological surgery to learn more about our services.

Doctors Available in Neuro Surgery

Thanks to their significant experience, our highly qualified nephrologists can treat a variety of Brain and Spine diseases, from acute Neurological disorders to chronic Brain and Spine issues. If you or a loved one needs to schedule a consultation with our team of neurologists, click the link below.

Dr. Alok Ojha

(MS, MCh, DNB (Neuro Surgery))


Senior Consultant Neuro Surgeon


Neuro Surgery


Neuro Surgery

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Neuro Surgery Department Facility

The hospital is a super speciality centre. Thus, our Neurology department has access to the required infrastructure for support services. The ability to offer our patients full neurology care, including expert guidance, interventional therapy, and assistance for life-saving care, is thus ensured. Here is a quick description of our neurology department's facilities and support services.

  • Daily OPD consultations (Monday to Saturday)

  • 24/7 Emergency Consultation and Admission Facilities

  • Blood Bank Support

  • Support for Critical Care with Commitment

  • Individualised healthcare plans

  • Assistance with Interprofessional Referrals


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