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General & Laparoscopic Surgery

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The General Surgery department at Heritage Hospital offers thorough laparoscopic and open surgical options to patients suffering from a wide variety of conditions that require surgical interventions. Through an integrated approach, cutting-edge critical care and diagnostic facilities, and the keen eyes of our highly skilled laparoscopic specialists, we work to provide top-notch surgical care for a variety of health conditions.

As a fundamental surgical department, our General Surgery department has access to the most modern modular operating rooms and follows the latest generation sterilisation procedures and technologies, including HEPA Filters that work to eliminate the danger of cross-infection. We also invest heavily in our CSSD facilities and processes to ensure that the best sterilisation practices are followed in our operation theatres. As with other departments, the general surgery Department has access to the diagnostic facilities across radiology and pathology to diagnose and make timely surgical interventions effectively. 

As one of Varanasi's top general and laparoscopic hospitals, we have nearly three decades of experience in providing outcome-oriented surgical care to patients from across the Purvanchal region and beyond, including patients from the state of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh. Learn more about the range of our general surgery services in the following paragraphs and why you should choose us as your first choice for all-encompassing surgical treatment.

Common Diseases and Conditions

Surgery Available in General & Laparoscopic Surgery

You might need laparoscopic surgery to ensure that your body's various systems function as optimally as possible, depending on the diagnosis and the patient's health. Our investment in cutting-edge machinery is essential at this point. Our superb infrastructure gives our laparoscopic surgeons the tools they need to perform challenging laparoscopic procedures with the accuracy necessary for superior results. Our critical care infrastructure provides our specialists with round-the-clock support so they can concentrate only on the task at hand and are well-equipped to handle issues if they do emerge. If you or a loved one requires laparoscopic surgery, schedule a consultation at one of these facilities to learn more about our offerings.

Doctors Available in General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Several acute disorders and other chronic ailments are all addressed surgically by our highly skilled laparoscopic professionals and their extensive experience. Please click the link below to schedule an appointment with one of our team of laparoscopic doctors if you or a loved one needs one.

General & Laparoscopic Surgery Department Facility

Our general and laparoscopic department has access to the necessary infrastructure for support services because it is a component of a super-speciality hospital. Because of this, we can assure our patients that we can provide them with total surgical care, including specialised consultation, interventional care, and assistance for critical care. Our general and laparoscopic departments' facilities and support services are listed below.

  • Daily OPD consultations (Monday to Saturday)

  • 24/7 Emergency Consultation and Admission Facilities

  • Blood Bank Support

  • Support for Critical Care with Commitment

  • programmes for individualised healthcare

  • Assistance with Interprofessional Referrals


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