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The key to proper recovery in any muscle or bone related injury is physiotherapy under the guidance of trained operators. With state of the art machines and an experienced and trained physiotherapy team, we are providing this highly important rehabilitation and therapeutic service so that patients with muscle and bone problems can make a full recovery. The importance of physiotherapy should not be ignored and patients with niggling injuries as well patients who have undergone surgery ( for the correction of muscle or bone related problems ) benefit greatly by going though a well planned physiotherapy programme.


Common Conditions Requiring Physiotherapy

  • Patient of Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac problems or Renal diseases who have to undergo any operation & may require Intensive care after operation
  • Cryosurgery for Piles
  • Trauma (Accident) / Medicolegal Gunshot, Stab Injury

What We Offer

  • Important world class latest laparoscopic instruments with HD Camera increases success rate by lap operation with minimum complication.
  • All operations of Head & Neck, Chest, Including Breast
  • All operation of Abdomen open & Laparoscopic

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