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Plastic Surgery & Burn

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In order to promptly and precisely diagnose and treat patients with deformities and burns, Heritage Hospital, a leading centre for plastic surgery and burn care, provides comprehensive aesthetic therapy. We work to provide the finest care for aesthetic issues through an integrated strategy, cutting-edge critical care and diagnostic facilities, and the watchful eyes of our highly skilled plastic surgeons in Varanasi.

Our department has access to cutting-edge modular operating rooms, contemporary critical care facilities, and one full-time physician to help us diagnose a variety of aesthetic issues. It actively participates in the Smile Train Program, which has provided free surgery for thousands of kids with Cleft Lip and Palate. In order to better assist patients with burns and reconstructive procedures, the Department also has access to the latest cutting-edge diagnostic equipment. Our priority is to provide top-notch care through our certified medical staff, who work under the guidance of our Varanasi plastic surgery experts and are backed by the infrastructure of necessary support services.

We have been providing medical care to patients from all over the Purvanchal region and beyond, including patients from the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh, as one of the best Plastic Surgery centres in Varanasi. Heritage Hospitals has years of experience and expertise in providing patients with aesthetic difficulties with high-quality, goal-oriented care. In the following paragraphs, learn more about the range of plastic surgery procedures we provide and why you should make us your first option for all-encompassing cosmetic therapy.

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Surgery Available in Plastic Surgery & Burn

To guarantee your body functions as efficiently as possible, you could need aesthetic surgery, depending on the diagnostic and the patient's overall health. At this stage, investing in cutting-edge equipment is essential. Our excellent infrastructure gives plastic surgeons and burns specialists the tools they need to perform challenging cosmetic procedures correctly. Our critical care infrastructure provides our team members with round-the-clock help for aesthetic issues, allowing them to focus completely on their present work and ensuring they are well-equipped to handle issues should they emerge. If you or a loved one need reconstructive surgery, schedule a consultation to learn more about our offerings.

Doctors Available in Plastic Surgery & Burn

Our highly skilled plastic surgeons address a wide range of issues, from acute injuries and diseases to chronic reconstructive conditions, thanks to their extensive expertise and experience. Please click the link below if you or a loved one needs to schedule a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

(MS, MCh (Plastic Surgery))


Senior Consultant Plastic Surgery & Burn


Plastic Surgery & Burn


Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery & Burn

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Plastic Surgery & Burn Department Facility

Our plastic surgery and burn department has access to the necessary infrastructure for support services because it is a component of a super-speciality hospital. Because of this, we can reassure our patients that we can handle all facets of reconstructive surgery, including professional direction, interventional care, and assistance for life-saving treatments. The facilities and support services offered by our plastic surgery and burn department are listed below.

  • Daily OPD consultations (Monday to Saturday)

  • 24/7 Emergency Consultation and Admission Facilities

  • Programs for Individualized Healthcare that Support Critical Care

  • Blood Bank Assistance

  • Assistance with Interprofessional Referrals


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