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Neuro Medicine (Brain & Spine)

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Neuro Medicine (Brain & Spine)

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As the best neurology hospital in Varanasi, Heritage Hospital provides comprehensive and dedicated healthcare services and facilities to manage and treat a wide spectrum of medical conditions related to the brain and spine. Our Department of Neuro Medicine is well-equipped with advanced medical facilities and diagnostic equipment to assess all the areas of the brain and spinal cord to diagnose the issue and its severity with accuracy and precision. 


Our Department of Neuro Medicine has a team of highly qualified neurologists, neuro interventionists, neuro-anaesthetists, dedicated neurocritical care specialists, neuropsychologists and neuropsychiatrists to provide comprehensive and multi-disciplinary care for disorders of the brain and spine.


As a leading neurology hospital in Varanasi, the department is well-equipped with essential neurology-specific diagnostic facilities, like NCV, EMG, BERA, EVP, 128 Slice CT Scan and 3 Tesla MRI. We have a dedicated and advanced critical care unit with all the essential facilities to support and monitor the health of critical cases. 


The doctors in our Neuro Medicine Department have multi-decade experience in handling and treating acute and chronic neurological conditions, including meningitis, epilepsy and seizures, acute spinal cord injury, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, migraines, neuromuscular diseases, tumour, and cerebral aneurysm.


We understand getting diagnosed with a brain and spine issue can be devastating; however, at Heritage Hospital, with the best neuro doctor in Varanasi, you can assured that you are in experienced hands. These medical conditions can be complicated, so our multi-disciplinary team of neurologists, consultants, nurses, and support staff work collaboratively to provide comprehensive care to assess the medical issue and provide an appropriate prognosis to overcome it. 

Heritage Hospital - The Best Neurology Hospital in Varanasi 


The Neuro Medicine Department at Heritage Hospital is an integrated facility which utilizes a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach for every patient. With different alternatives available for treating neurological conditions, our doctors, with over 20 years of experience, select the suitable modality for every patient. Here are some reasons why Heritage Hospital is recommended as the best neurology hospital in Varanasi for handling critical neurological conditions: 


  • Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Facilities

Our Neuro Medicine Department is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, such as high-resolution MRI and EEG machines, to provide precise and detailed assessments of the brain and nervous system. The diagnosis assists our doctors in assessing the condition's severity and taking a well-informed if there is any requirement for laparoscopic or complex brain surgery. 


  • Comprehensive Care and Patient Support

We can understand the impact of neurological diagnosis on family's and patient's mental and emotional state, and it can take a toll. Our neurology hospital in Varanasi supports neurorehabilitation, where physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists work to maximize a patient's recovery and quality of life. 


  • Well-Equipped Critical Care Units 

With our well-equipped modular operating rooms and all the best facilities available, there are hardly any chances, but there are a few instances where things may escalate into critical situations. To monitor and manage such emergencies, we have dedicated NCCUs with a 24/7 specialized medical team to provide optimum patient care and stable patient health. 

Doctors Available in Neuro Medicine (Brain & Spine)

Our highly qualified neurologists in Varanasi have experienced several decades in treating various brain and spine conditions. Our doctors specialize in aligning the treatment plan per the patient's diagnostic reports, health issues, and severity of the condition in collaboration with doctors from other facilities. Meet our best neurologist in Varanasi, who specializes in addressing acute and chronic neurological disorders:

Dr. A.K. Singh

(MD, DM (Neuro))


Senior Consultant Neurologist


Neuro Medicine (Brain & Spine)


Neuro Medicine

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What do we Treat? - Common Diseases and Conditions

Neurological diseases cover a wide spectrum of conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. Our highly-trained neurologists in Varanasi are equipped with the best diagnostic facilities to analyze the condition and its severity to align the treatment to improve the patient's quality of life. Our medical team at our Neurological Department specialize in diagnosing various disorders, including: 


Meningitis is a neurological disease caused by the inflammation of meninges, which is a membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. 


Encephalitis is a disease caused by the inflammation of the active tissue of the brain caused by an infection or an autoimmune response. It causes the brain to swell, leading to a stiff neck and seizure. 

Brain Stroke

Brain stroke or brain attack needs immediate medical assistance as it stops the brain flow to your brain, and the brain cells die after just a few minutes without blood or oxygen.


Paralysis is the loss of motor function in one or more muscles. It is a condition where voluntary muscle movement is lost, often due to nerve system issues.


When something interrupts the normal connection between the nerve cells in the brain, it leads to seizures. Seizures affect the entire body, characterized by violent shaking motions and loss of consciousness. 

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's Disease is a slow and progressive disease which gradually strips away the patient's motor abilities. In this condition, the brain cells in the substantia nigra die off, which produces dopamine, which controls the muscle movement.


Vertigo is a feeling of losing balance, and you might feel that you are spinning or the world around you is spinning. Inner ear problems, like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, mostly cause it.

Brain Tumours

A brain tumour is abnormal cell growth in different areas of the brain. Immediate medical assistance is essential because tumours can put pressure on the brain and impact its functioning. 


Migraines are severe, disabling, recurring headaches which often feel like throbbing or pounding. Alcohol, weather changes, and lack of sleep can trigger migraines. 


A pound of cure is worth an ounce of prevention. Preventable brain disorders can be avoided with a good diet, regular exercise, management of underlying medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol), and vaccination against brain and nervous system infections.

The following broad recommendations might lower your chance of developing treatable brain diseases:

  • Establishing a wholesome lifestyle. This includes eating a heart-healthy diet, exercising frequently, giving up smoking, drinking in moderation, and lowering stress.

  • Limiting your exposure to X-rays and other radiation sources.

  • Recognising the stroke symptoms and obtaining emergency medical attention right away.

  • Ensuring that you and your loved ones have a bacterial meningitis vaccination.

  • Managing long-term health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.

  • Lowering your risk of brain injury by steering clear of falls, buckling up in your car, and wearing a helmet when cycling or participating in contact sports.

  • Maintaining a healthy mind and social life.

Diagnostic Facilities

Neurological disorders are complex and multifaceted, and our doctors believe that making precise diagnoses is a key factor in effective treatment and patient outcomes. As a leading neurology hospital in Varanasi, our Neuro Medicine Department offers a wide range of specialized diagnostic tests to ensure accurate diagnoses and personalized treatments. Our ultra-modern facility supports the following diagnostic facilities:

Neuro Medicine (Brain & Spine) Department Facility

Understanding the severity of neurological diseases is a complex process that involves considering various factors, including the nature of the disease, its progression, the availability of treatment, and the individual's response to therapy. Some diseases can be managed effectively, while others may lead to profound disability or even loss of life. 


In all cases, early diagnosis, timely intervention, and comprehensive support are essential for enhancing the quality of life for those affected by neurological diseases. As part of a super-speciality hospital, our Neuro Medicine Department is well-equipped with infrastructure, support services and life-saving care. The facilities at our neurology hospital in Varanasi include:


  • Daily OPD consultations (Monday to Saturday)

  • 24/7 Emergency Consultation and Admission Facilities

  • Blood Bank Support

  • Mult-disciplinary approach to provide holistic care 

  • High-tech and advanced imaging and diagnostic facilities 

  • Advanced critical care support units, like neurocritical care units, for monitoring critically ill patients. 

  • Rehabilitation centre with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy facilities.


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