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The Department of Dentistry at Heritage Hospital is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, world-class facilities, and a highly-trained medical team to assist patients in treating all types of dental problems. We stand as the best dental clinic in Varanasi, striving to offer our patients excellent dental care, solutions, and treatment.


Our Dentistry Department provides a personalized treatment plan by following all the national and international standards of hygiene and infection control. From complex reconstruction surgeries to root canal treatment, we are committed to offering quality dental care with advanced and high-tech equipment and diagnostic facilities


Our team at the Dental Department has access to sophisticated medical equipment, like X-ray and imaging machines, dental examination rooms, treatment rooms, orthodontic and dental surgery suites, dental laboratories and emergency dental care facilities to provide immediate care for dental emergencies, like dental trauma or severe tooth pain.


As a leading multidisciplinary super speciality hospital, our best dentists in Varanasi collaborate with other doctors from different disciplines to provide comprehensive and complete treatment. As a day-care hospital, our doctors specialize in performing root canal treatment, apicectomy with RCT, complete and partial denture, and full-crown ceramic procedures to maintain a healthy smile for our patients.


Our Department of Dental Care at Heritage Hospital is committed to delivering comprehensive and compassionate dental to treat patients, not just their teeth and gums. Your mouth paves the way for your overall health. Hence, giving the best care to your oral health is imperative. Moreover, we also understand your fear and apprehension towards dental care in Varanasi. However, as the next-gen dental clinic in Varanasi, we make every effort to make you feel comfortable and create an everlasting smile.


Why is Heritage Hospital the Best Dental Clinic in Varanasi?


Heritage Hospital, one of the best dentistry hospitals in Varanasi, understands to role of healthy and beautiful smiles and teeth play in building your confidence, entire health, and social relationships. Our dedicated team is restoring that lost smile and healthy gums, utilizing high-tech equipment and facilities. Here are some reasons why we are considered one of the hospitals providing the best dental care in Varanasi: 


  • Multidisciplinary Approach 

We follow a multidisciplinary approach where dentists collaborate to find a highly effective method for treating complex and complicated medical issues. When necessary, our best dental care team in Varanasi collaborates with other medical professionals and allied healthcare providers to ensure patients receive comprehensive and holistic care for their oral health needs


  • Board-Certified Dentists 

Our board-certified and experienced dentists are equipped with essential facilities to align the treatment in the best interests of the patient. With their multi-decade experience, our doctors can diagnose dental conditions accurately and provide an effective treatment to cure the root cause and not just treat the symptoms. With a focus on personalized care, our doctors follow the standard protocols to avoid infections, and we also provide preventive dental treatment to keep your smile and teeth healthy in future. 


  • Cater to a Wide Spectrum of Dental Conditions 

The medical team at the Dentistry Department is equipped to treat a full spectrum of oral, dental, and jaw-related problems from tooth decay to complex maxillofacial defects secondary to surgery, trauma, congenital deformities, and aesthetic makeovers. We have a specialized medical team to cater to pediatric dentistry cases to assess the dental issue severity and provide the best dental treatment to a child while maintaining a happy and positive environment.

Doctors Available in Dentistry

As one of the best dentistry hospitals in Varanasi, Heritage Hospital instils the premises with a multidisciplinary team of the best dentists in Varanasi, who are highly qualified to provide compassionate dental care. The team is committed to providing patients with the highest level of dedicated support, and personalized treatment plans to restore their dental health and ever-glowing smile. Meet our experienced and certified dentist, leading the team of the best dentists in Varanasi, who are available to guide you on a journey that leads to a healthy smile and a happy life.

Dr. Madhumita Basu



Senior Consultant Dental





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Dr Divya Mishra

(BDS, MDS (Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics))


Consultant Dentist





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What do we Treat? - Common Diseases and Conditions

As the best dentistry hospital in Varanasi, we want all our patients to have healthy teeth and gums for a winning smile, fresh breath, and higher confidence. Here are some common diseases and conditions that we cater to include-

Dental Malalignment

Misaligned teeth, or dental malalignment, affect the aesthetic and functionality of the mouth. It can result from genetic factors, childhood habits (thumb-sucking), or dental trauma.

Dental Infections

Dental infection covers various conditions, including pulp infections (abscessed teeth), gum infections (gingivitis and periodontitis), and dental abscesses. 

Oral Dental Trauma

Oral dental trauma refers to injuries to teeth, gums, lips, or other oral structures resulting from accidents, falls, sports injuries, or other incidents. The accidents can lead to broken teeth, dislocated jaws, or soft tissue injuries.

Dental Cavities

Cavities are one of the most prevalent dental problems worldwide. It results from the demineralization of tooth enamel due to the acids produced by dental plaque. 

Oral Infections, Ulcers, Polyps, and Jaw Infections

Oral infections, ulcers, polyps, and jaw infections cover a variety of conditions affecting the mouth and jaw area. It can be caused due to infections, irritants, or other underlying health conditions.


Tooth decay, a gradual process, is what leads to cavities. Everyone who has teeth is susceptible to developing cavities. However, the following things can make it more likely:

  • Tooth Location

  • Certain Food and Drinks

  • Bedtime Infant Feeding

  • Inadequate Brushing

  • Less Fluoride

  • Frequent Sipping

  • Snacking

  • Dental Devices

  • Age

  • Dry Mouth

Maintaining good oral and dental hygiene can prevent cavities and tooth decay. Here are some recommendations for avoiding cavities. Ask your dentist which advice is most appropriate for you.

  • Rinse Your Mouth Regularly

  • Fluoride toothpaste should be used after eating or drinking. 

  • Avoid Eating or Sipping Frequently

  • Eat Healthy Food

  • Have Regular Dental Check-Ups

To fully understand your risk factors and receive personalised guidance to help you accomplish your dental care objectives, our dentists provide customised dental plans.

Procedure for Dentistry

Being one of the best dentistry hospitals in Varanasi, Heritage Hospital takes pride in advanced, certified, and modern infrastructure, reading a wide range of dental healthcare services. The success of our treatments and the pioneer dental care in Varanasi has earned unique credit for our services. Let's take a glimpse at our different procedures and treatments performed by our board-certified dentists:

Dentistry Department Facility

At Heritage Hospital, the best dental clinic in Varanasi, we promise to deliver our patients state-of-the-art dental aesthetics and treatment procedures. Our treatments are performed through the latest technologies and excellent service facilities. We also take utmost care of the ambience and assure maximum safety through the highest level of sterilization with accident standards to prevent the spread of diseases and chances of cross-infection. Let us explore some of the extensive facilities for the dentistry department.

  • Daily OPD consultation (Monday to Saturday)

  • 24/7 Emergency Consultation and Admission Facilities

  • Blood Bank Support

  • Best-in-class dental examination, surgery, and treatment suites.

  • High-tech dental imaging and X-ray machines

  • Dedicated critical care support

  • Individualized treatment plans

  • Interdisciplinary referral support, like plastic surgeons for reconstruction surgeries.


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