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Orthopedics (Bone Diseases)

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Multi Ligament Reconstruction surgery

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Heritage Hospital's Orthopedics Department boasts highly-trained and board-certified surgeons, doctors, nurses, and medical staff to provide comprehensive patient care to regain flexibility and mobility. We have advanced 3 Tesla MRI and CT scan facilities, which assist the medical team in diagnosing the injury properly and seamlessly performing the multi-ligament reconstruction surgery in Varanasi.


Multi-ligament surgery is often required to repair or reconstruct multiple ligaments within a single joint, typically the knee. The surgical procedure aims to restore joint stability and reduce pain in patients with extensive ligament damage due to sports injuries, high-energy trauma, or severe dislocations.


Heritage Hospital boasts well-trained surgeons and an advanced rehabilitation center to ensure patient's complete recovery. From first consultation to post-operative recovery, our medical team will provide holistic healthcare services with a patient-centric approach.


How is Ligament Reconstruction Surgery Performed?


The ligament surgery depends upon several factors: type and extent of ligament damage, the patient's age, activity level, and overall health. Advanced MRI, CT Scan, X-ray, diagnostic Arthroscopy, ultrasound, stress tests, such as the Lachman test and the pivot-shift test, and digital Radiography are some diagnostic facilities that are available at Heritage Hospital required to diagnose the injury properly. After analyzing the injury, the doctors and surgeons plan individualized treatment. Here is a detailed description of how the multi-ligament reconstruction surgery is performed:


  • The doctors perform a comprehensive patient’s overall health evaluation through physical examination and diagnostic facilities to assess the extent of injury.

  • The surgeon administers general or regional anesthesia (depending upon the circumstances), and makes one or more than one incision around the affected joint.

  • After getting access to damaged ligaments and other structures, the medical team analyzes the damaged ligaments, surrounding tissues, and other structures, like bones or cartilage.

  • Depending on the severity, the surgeons repair or reconstruct the damaged ligament. Ligament repair is performed if ligaments are partially torn, and some functional tissues are left. However, the surgeon may reconstruct the ligament using grafts if the ligament is severely damaged or completely torn. The graft is fixed using screws, staples, and other fixation device.

  • The surgeon ensures the reconstructed ligament provides stability to the joint and adjusts it to achieve the correct tension and alignment.

  • In some cases, additional surgeries are required for meniscus repair, cartilage damage or fracture.

  • The surgeon closes the incision through sutures or staples, and the patient is monitored in the recovery area. After recovery, the patient will require physical therapy, and our well-trained team will provide a well-structured rehabilitation program to regain mobility and strength.


When is Multi-Ligament Reconstructive Surgery Required?


Heritage Hospital doctors follow a patient-centric approach; we recommend conservative therapies and medications to provide relief if there is minimal ligament damage. However, in cases where these strategies fail to alleviate the symptoms or if there is moderate to severe damage, doctors might suggest multi-ligament reconstructive surgery. Here are some instances where multi-ligament surgery in Varanasi might be best:


  • Severe knee trauma due to high-impact situations such as car accidents, falling incidents from a height, or contact sports injuries.

  • Knee dislocations with fractures or soft tissue injuries

  • Several tears in multiple major knee ligaments

  • Knee instability due to ligament laxity or chronic injuries.

  • Complex knee injuries

  • Conservative treatments, like physical therapy and bracing, fail.


Before proceeding with the treatment, the doctor at our orthopedics department requires diagnostic reports and medical tests to align the treatment strategy accordingly to provide the highest standard of care. Different surgical procedures exist for multi-ligament surgery in Varanasi because the knee joint has four ligaments: anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, lateral collateral, and medial collateral ligament.


Why Choose Heritage Hospital?


Successful ligament reconstruction surgery in Varanasi can restore a patient's knee stability and functionality, and a well-established hospital with proper and advanced equipment and surgeons increases the chances of successful outcomes. Our doctors at the Orthopedics Department provide a personalized treatment plan to effective strategy to heal the injury. Here are some facilities available in our hospital, which make us one of the preferred hospitals for Ligament Reconstruction Surgery in Varanasi:


  • Multi-decade experience in performing orthopedic surgeries.

  • Our advanced and well-built infrastructure provides orthopedics surgeons and doctors with the essential tools and equipment necessary for the surgery.

  • Moreover, we have a well-trained physiotherapy unit to help the patients with proper rehabilitation for quick and better recovery.

  • Modern modular operation theaters and state-of-the-art critical care centers with specialized teams to manage emergencies.

  • For precise diagnosis, 24x7 available high-tech imaging equipment, like 3 Tesla MRI and digital X-ray systems.

  • Our medical team follows a multi-disciplinary approach by coordinating with related departments, like radiology, physical therapy, and rheumatology, to provide comprehensive care.


Are there any complications after the Ligament Reconstruction surgery?


Usually, there are complications that the patient complains about after the surgery; however, the recovery time may vary as it depends upon the rehabilitation program. In rare instances, here are some of the complications that may arise during and after the multi-ligament reconstructive surgery in Varanasi:


  • Knee pain

  • Knee Stiffness

  • Graft failure

  • Deep vein thrombosis

  • Bleeding

  • Wound Infection

  • Nerve or Tissue Damage


However, Heritage Hospital reduces the chances of complications by strictly following all the necessary protocols during the surgery. The medical team maintains a sterile environment during the surgery to reduce the chances of infection. Moreover, in allograft, we carefully access, process, and store the graft from another donor to ensure the patient's body readily accepts the graft. We have state-of-the-art rehabilitation programs, therapies, and pain management techniques to cope with the surgery and ensure quicker recovery.


Heritage Hospital can assist in alleviating your pain and restore your knee's functionality. If you are experiencing pain after an injury, or the conservative therapies do not seem to provide relief, schedule an appointment today to get a proper diagnosis and treatment before the injury escalates into something serious.

Dr. Shwetabh Rai

(MS (Ortho), DNB, MCh)


Senior Consultant Orthopaedics


Orthopedics (Bone Diseases)



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Multi-Ligament Reconstruction Surgery is done to rebuild the damaged tissues of the knee area to prevent problems arising from unstable knee problems such as premature osteoarthritis. It is done for the severely damaged knee, which involves 2 or more damaged ligaments.
All the damaged ligaments are restored to their original anatomy using a graft from the patient’s body or a donor. This surgery is performed through a combination of arthroscopy and open technique. Small surgical instruments and an arthroscope are used through tiny incisions.
Artificial materials in multi-ligament reconstruction surgery in Varanasi at Heritage Hospitals include the Endobutton system used as a fixation device. Bioscrews provide mechanical fixation at the interval before the graft is fixed, and anchors are used for attaching soft tissues.
For Multi-Ligament Reconstruction surgery Regional Anaesthesia is used. It is an Anaesthesia injected in the lower spine so the patient doesn’t feel anything below the umbilicus.
The patient is awake throughout the surgery. He can also watch his surgery on the television monitor if he wishes to.
Multi-Ligament Reconstruction surgery in Varanasi at Heritage Hospitals takes 2-3 hours. It depends on the number of layers that needs to be reconstructed.
Usually No, Ligament Reconstruction surgery patient doesn’t need any ICU care afterwards. However, he might have to stay overnight in the hospital for observation.
There are no possible major complications associated with this surgery. However, the person might feel knee stiffness, infection, and pain for a few days.
After one hour of the surgery, the patient can take liquid sips. He can move to take something semi-solid on the day of the surgery itself. However, he is advised to avoid any hard or fatty food.
No, this is not possible. The patient must get admitted one day before the surgery for a thorough inspection, checking vitals, and observing if everything is good to go.
The Multi-Ligament Reconstruction Surgery cost in Varanasi variates from 1.50 to 2 lacs. Its final cost depends on various factors like the type of implant, severity of the case, accommodation availed by the patient, etc.
Paying the total surgery cost at once is unnecessary, but the patient must pay at least 80% before the surgery. The rest of the remaining payment can be settled later on at the time of discharge.
Yes, the cost of the surgery can be covered through insurance. Heritage Hospital is empanelled with leading insurance companies. To know more about the same, you can visit our page https://heritagehospitals.com/insurance/3
Multi-Ligament Reconstruction Surgery is one in which the patient needs to be observed to monitor if the ligament recovery is happening fine. Thus, a patient must stay at the hospital for at least 3-4 days.
The patient is made for walking the next day after the surgery. However, the patient must wait 4-6 weeks before completely resuming regular work. However, the recovery period depends on factors like the patient's age, nutrition, pre-existing conditions, etc.
The patient must pay regular follow-up visits 6-9 months after Ligament Reconstruction Surgery. If need be, he might also need to take follow-up visits for a year.