Don't Let Eye Allergies Spoil Your Summer Bliss

By:- Heritage Hospitals

Mar 19 2020

Summer has approached us, which means the eye allergies will be in the full swing. Dust particles, tree pollens, pet dander, and other environmental substances can cause eye allergies. If you are suffering from itchy, red and watery eyes, then the chances are higher, you have eye allergies.

As per the study from The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, more than 50 million people in the United States suffer from eye allergies during summer. These numbers translate into 40 percent of children and 30 percent of adults. In some scenarios, eye allergies contribute to the pink eye (conjunctivitis), watery eyes, dry eyes, and other eye infections.

Here are some tips to prevent eye allergies during the summer:

  • While spending the house outside, wear sunglasses to help keep the dust particles and other allergens away from your eyes. Also, wear safety glasses while gardening or mowing the yard and prevent your eyes from flying debris, dust and pollens. Since safety glasses feature polycarbonate lenses, you will get UV protection as well.

  • Keep your car windows closed while driving. It will not only keep allergens away from your eyes but will keep your car cleaner from inside.

  • Replace or clean your air filters regularly. These nifty devices will keep allergens such pet dander, dust, and pollen out of your home. But if you ignore replacing your air filters, it will cause you eye allergies and affect your eye health.

  • Minimize your exposure to the dust mites. Keep your bed sheets and pillow covers clean. That way you can minimize your exposure to dust mites by encasing your bedsheets and pillow covers. You should be your sheets with good quality soap and water at least 130º F.

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