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5 Tips To Prevent Corona-virus And Its Symptoms

By:- Heritage Hospitals

Mar 11 2020



5 Tips To Prevent Coronavirus And Its Symptoms

As the coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading across the world, there are certain preventive tips you should take to prevent yourself and your dear ones.

Since the corona outbreaks in China, you might have heard about the highest number of cases in India. The major cases are reported in the cities including, but not limited to New Delhi, Kerala, Mumbai, Patna, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. So, now the question is- how to prevent the spread of this disease?


Well, here are 5 tips to prevent coronavirus and its symptoms:


  • Wash Your Hands: It is the primary tip to prevent the effects of coronavirus. Wash your hands more often with soap and water, and at least for 20 seconds. You should follow this especially before eating, after going to the washroom, sneezing or coughing and after blowing your nose.

  • Avoid Touching Your Face: One of the important things you should consider to prevent coronavirus is avoiding touching your eyes, mouth, and nose. You might be habitual of touching your face often, but it is recommended to stop it because the chances of getting this virus are higher if you touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with contagious hands.

  • Stay Home: If you have a cold & cough, stay at your home and take proper treatment from a reputed doctor. As coronavirus is highly contagious, it can spread easily if you go outside. Thus, you should stay at home and take the proper rest.

  • Be Smart During Travel: The best way to stay safe from coronavirus is to consider postponing unnecessarily travel. But, if you can bot avoid your travel, then you should take certain precautionary measures such as avoid handshaking and maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from people especially from those, who have cough & cold.

  • Use Hand Sanitizer and Mask: You should use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing 60%-95% amount of alcohol more frequently. Apart from this, you should wear a respirator mask to get more protection from coronavirus.


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