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Does Your Child Have Asthma? Symptoms & Treatment

By:- Heritage Hospitals

Feb 10 2020

Does Your Child Have Asthma? What Are The Symptoms And Treatment?

Do you know that asthma is one of the severe health conditions in children? Undiagnosed and poorly controlled asthma in the early ages of children can result in emergency conditions. It can also lead to missed workdays for parents and the suffering that they don't express.

However, people visit a general physician to seek treatment for their children as their main goal is to make their child feel well and live an active lifestyle. Well, visiting a paediatrician is the best and more effective way to get treatment focusing on the specific condition of the child.

Most children are diagnosed with asthma symptoms at their early ages of 5. The main cause of this condition is when the bronchial tubes that allow air to pass through the lungs are small or narrow. It affects the newborns, toddlers and even preschoolers. At an early age, it may be hard for parents or doctors to identify the symptoms caused by asthma. In such a scenario, visiting a paediatrician can be helpful.

Now, the question is how to identify the symptoms of asthma in children. Well, the symptoms of asthma can range from prolonged conditions of cold and cough to extreme breathing emergencies. Here are the common symptoms of asthma that parents should notice in their children and seek immediate attention from a paediatrician:

  • Excessive coughing, especially during the night
  • Fast or trouble breathing that causes the skin around the neck or ribs to become numb
  • Frequent colds
  • A whistling a or wheezing sound while breathing

Well, your child may have any one of these signs or all the signs. And these signs get worse through asthma triggers such as smoke, strong fragrances or excessive cold and even allergens like pet dander, pollen or dust mites.

A paediatrician in Varanasi can diagnose the asthma symptoms in your children by performing certain medical tests and exams to measure airflow in or out of the lungs. As toddlers and even infants can not describe how they feel. In such a case, parents need to identify the signs of asthma. With the right treatment plan, your child will feel better and will have sound sleep at night.

If you are seeking the best Asthma treatment for your children, then you should visit the expert paediatrician at Heritage Hospitals. It is one of the renowned multidisciplinary super-specialty hospitals in Varanasi where you can take your children to get the best asthma treatment.

Their paediatrician Varanasi is known for treating the issues in children such as Meningitis, Encephalitis, Malaria, Chicken Pox, Influenza and Measles. They make a proper diagnosis of the condition and offer the treatment to ensure that your child has normal breathing and he doesn't miss his school. All their medical professionals are very knowledgable and friendly to make your child feel comfortable during the treatment.

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